The All New Solar Energy Awareness Tool

We’re delighted to announce today the launch of our free Energy Awareness Tool for solar homeowners!

Tired of manually comparing your utility bills with your solar monitor graphs to figure out how well solar is working for you? You can now easily compare the energy you use from the grid with the solar energy you generate, in beautiful, easy-to-understand graphs.

How Much Solar Energy Are You Really Using?

The graph below is particularly awesome (IMHO :). Right away, you can see how much of the electricity you use is powered by your very own, independent solar energy generating system.

Total Energy Consumption Mix

This proud solar homeowner in Atwater, California, generated more than 90% of his electricity in May this year! Awesome!

Energy Sources

This second graph shows you total energy consumption and where that energy comes from – grid versus solar. It also shows you the excess energy you generated from solar that you sold back to the grid! (Hint: It’s the bars that go below zero!). This Californian solar homeowner is getting paid by the utility every time he generates excess energy!

Energy Consumption Mix

Daily Energy Production and Consumption

We also have more typical graphs like this one that shows daily production and consumption. As expected, most energy is used in the mornings and evenings, while most solar energy is generated during the hot afternoons.

Daily Energy Production and Consumption

You’ll never have to manually do the above graphs or calculations again. Log on now to try Pretty Visible’s Energy Awareness Tool. Share it with your friends and neighbors! The more we know about how our solar system is doing, the better off we are!

More Coming

P.S. The Energy Awareness Tool is currently available for PG&E customers with Enphase or SolarEdge monitoring systems. We’re adding support for more monitors and utilities very soon. Please email us at to let us know your utility or monitor and we’ll try to add those first!

Until Next Time!

If you have feedback for us on how to make the Energy Awareness Tool work better for you, email us or tweet us on Twitter. We'd love to hear from you!

Update 8/19: If you're curious about how this works and how we get the data, read our post about the tech behind the tool.